Quick Analysis About Our Situation

Unfortunately change head coach maybe was not good idea, but Laviolette was not getting the most of out of the players. We have a new coach corps, and unfortunately the adaptation takes time with so many new people working in the bench. I must to say that I also think that we are not going to the Playoffs. Some players are comfortable, the main players are not doing what they can. Hynes has not yet met, our team is very inconsistent, has no firepower, our defense decrease, but not because Subban is out, the mistakes we made are inexplicable. The players do not deliver what they can, the team seems poorly trained, a mess on the ice, without prospect improvement, but unfortunately with so many changes, it's necessary to give them time to work. Matt Duchene came as if were the solution to our offensive problems, but from the beginning I say that he alone would not be the solution. We have long contracts. I would free up space on the cap trading Bonino U$4M and Kyle Turris U$6M, but it's hard with them down, but I would be ideal. Anyway, the way is to wait and let the new coaching corps to work... And hoping that the main players come back to play hard. Sorry for my English

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