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First of all I want to apologize for the English, I didn't study the language, everything I learned was by myself, so I apologize, mainly for the grammar.

I am bringing my analysis regarding our prospects last season, the main highlights of them.

Philip Tomasino Future Stars Game (Photo: John Russell/via Getty Images)


Philip Tomasino was last year's first round pick and had an extraordinary season at the OHL ending the regular season as fourth league scorer with 100P 40G 60A. He started acting for Niagara IceDogs recording 57P 22G 35A in 36 games and kept pace with Oshawa Generals recording 43P 18G 25A in 26 games. Although Tomasino is not a sniper like Tolvanen, but his shoots are of extreme awareness and quality. He has a lot of intelligence, his have a incredible vision of the game, to the point of moving in antecedence, an impressive speed in transition and always with his head held high. Dipping a little deeper into the stats, as Americans like it, numbers indicate that he was one of the best transition players in the entire league, leaving the defensive zone with 70,6% puck possession and entering the offensive zone of 73,1% of ownership and pure control. Tomasino isn’t as much of a shooter as Eeli Tolvanen or Anthony Richard, but he did spend a considerable amount more time on special teams this season. Regardless, his 13.2 Corsi attempts/60 and 4.3 high-danger Corsi attempts/60 are notable.

Tomasino may be on the roster for next season as Poile considered: "He looks like he's going to be a terrific player," Poile said of Tomasino in particular. "It's not a question of if, it's just a question of when… I would really like to keep some flexibility open to give him a really good chance at training camp, because he could be a player that could surprise. I'm very open minded to give him as good of a chance as anybody come this training camp."

in addition to Philip, our GM was very emphatic in saying that other young people will have opportunities next season, we will talk more about it next.

John Hynes on Tomasino: "Phil Tomasino, he is a very talented guy, very motivated, very mature for his age, which is important for the many things that surround the game, everything that is important for a young player needs to play in the NHL. I had the opportunity in New Jersey to work with some young players, some more mature, and ready to I think Tomasino is a guy who has a lot of potential."

Note in the video below how he always seeks transition, his speed and dominance, how he always works with his head held high. (Tomasino # 26)


Despite Philip Tomasino's resounding success, Eeli Tolvanen is still our best boy, quite a sniper. Before arriving in America last season, the first round pick of NHL Draft 2017, still playing the KHL for Jokerit, our boy had more freedom of play as to its main characteristics and broke records there. In the Milwaukee previous season, he was unable to establish the same numbers, but simply because his potential is not a secret, so to become a more complete player, he had to adapt to the new game situations, as defensively or board work by example. Today, everyone praises his growth as an athlete in a broad sense. Participating more in transitions and play creations, improved his ice board work which was not good and he has a such better game vision. Despite not reaching the number of goals he expects, he ended this short AHL season as Milwaukee's second scorer and fourth in points. He will be loaned to Jokerit again until the start of Training Camp, when he returns to activities with us. Another name that Poile keeps saying he will be part of our roster next season.

We can clearly see all of his sniper potential and his speed of reasoning for shooting every shot, his fatal wrist-shoot and one-timer, looking for better position to puck control for the best shot. (Tolvanen #11)


This is the defender that most calls my attention and is not today. Since the time he played alongside Dante Fabbro two seasons ago, Farrance has only progressed and become the best player on the BU Terriers team. Farrance has always been somewhat underestimated, but he has always fulfilled his role as a defender in many game situations by showing a lot of intelligence. In the previous season, without Dante Fabbro, he became the team's top defenseman and started showing offensive progress and was the defender with the most points for the Terriers. This season he took over the collegiate team and became the captain and in addition, the team scorer and defender with the most points in the league, registering 43P 14G 29A in just 34 games, scoring frequently in power play, all in one mediocre Terriers team. For this season, the choice of third round of the 2017 Draft should remain in the team and complete its last year in the NCAA.

We can see all his offensive progress in this video, including a hat-trick. (Farrance #4)


After good seasons with Calgary Hitmen (WHL), he felt the highest level of the KHL despite playing in the first pair, his team, Dinamo Minsk did not help him at all, although he does not have significant numbers as in the WHL, the trip to the KHL did well so that he could improve his weakest points as well as more defensive awareness. Although all this weighs, he had a 56.5% success rate in keeping the puck out of danger in the defensive zone, quite considerable given his weak team. For the next season, Dinamo Minsk has strengthened itself a little better, we hope that this will also help you, the choice of the fifth round of 2018.


Chistyakov's season caught my eye for last year's fourth round pick. He started the season very hot with Tulpar UFA (Russian MHL development league), scoring 11P 3G 8A in 16 games, then left for Omskie Yastreby (KHL) and suffered with injury, still got one point per game in the 10 he played being 10P 1G 9A. His transition is good and he achieved 61.1% of the game. His transition numbers demonstrate good puck possession skills, and he sees the game playing well in the offensive zone. We will expect a healthy season now that he has left for Avangard Omsk (KHL), but the task will not be easy, as in a much better team he should not continue playing in the first pair as before.

In this video we see him doing good reading and movement during the penalty kill. (Chistyakov # 15)


This was Pitlick's first season at AHL and after a shy start, the boy found good performances. After registering 45 points in 38 games for the University of Minnesota (NCAA) he left for Milwaukee and did not disappoint showing all his creativity and tranquility during the game situations, his growth in the work of the edge of the ice improved, besides other aspects, all this leads him to a possible roster spot for the Preds next season, as David Poile has already considered. He finished this season as the fifth scorer and third in goals from the Ads with 36P 20G 16A in 64 games played. The choice of the third round of the 2016 Draft is very close to a full season in the NHL.

We can feel all his tranquility and the right decision during some game situations and resulting in goals. (Pitlick #16)


Afanasyev was second round pick in last year's Draft and had an excellent season for the Windsor Spitfires scoring more than one point per game leading the team in points with 67P 31G 36A in 62 games. The player has a quality fist, managing to find the right places for the shot and concluding with the best shot for a given moment. In addition the player evolved in the transition point entering 64% in the offensive zone with possession of the puck. It needs to improve defensively and a little game reading, however it is very fast and shows skill with the puck. Egor Afanasyev will be on loan at Krasnaya Armiya (MHL, one of the russians leagues) until the Training Camp and the OHL season returns.

We can see all its speed and movement to find the best shot. (Afanasyev #11)


Picking the third round of the last Draft, Campbell had a great debut season for the Omaha Lancers, leading the team in points and sixth overall in the league with 57P 18G 39A in 46 games. The player is versatile, being able to also act in the wing without losing performance, even had a high percentage of transition acting in both positions. He remembers Afanasyev's way in both transitions and shots and positioning. The player now leaves for the collegiate acting alongside Ethan Haider in the Clarkson University in the NCAA, I believe a great place for him to evolve.

Alexander Campbell and his good wrist-shoot (Campbell #11)


Finally Patrick Harper returned to making solid presentations after experiencing injuries and frustrations that hindered his growth. Certainly the Terriers did not have a good team, but he finished as the team's second scorer with 37P 14G 23A in 32 games, 78% of which were primary points. He was also the most effective prospect in transition, leaving and entering the zone with 85% and 73.4% respectively, he also led the team in puck possession with 56%. These are points to be considered due to the problems that he faced. The player now goes to his first season with Milwaukee Admirals.

We see 3 excellent passes and two beautiful goals by Patrick Harper #21.

David Poile has said many times that he considers Eeli Tolvanen, Yakov Trenin, Rem Pitlick, Alex Carrier and Philip Tomasino, this sounds good and I would love to see them together and I think this is the best decision. Although Tomasino is only 19 years old, what he did this season was formidable, mature in game decisions and I believe he is ready for the NHL. I can't wait to see them playing together next season including Tomasino.

"I have to provide John with some players that fit his beliefs and system." GM David Poile said. "All I can say at this point is that all options are on the table to make our team better for the 2020-21 season."

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